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Fitness Guide for Adults - A Look At The Author's Notebook

The Rebel Fitness Guide gives you all the resources you need to get fit in an easily understandable package and, more than enough nerdy references for you to keep you reading along the way! Seriously, how many fitness books do you know that reference Star Wars, Yoda, The Matrix, or Lord of the Rings? Well, Rebel Fitness does it better than most of them.

This year, we're featuring some of our favorite articles from the book, "The Rebel Fitness Guide: Get Fit, Stay Healthy, and Enjoy Life on a Dime." This book is jam packed with tons of useful information. It starts out with an intro chapter catching you off guard with an explanation of how the body gets fitter and more importantly, how quickly. After that, it goes on to cover the science of optimal fitness and gives you the five (or ten) most important pieces of equipment required for a complete workout. I especially like how this book talks about using a light weight, portable weight set and then goes on to talk about an excellent 20-minute medicine ball routine you can use at home.

The guide continues with chapters that cover everything from the importance of your diet and nutrition to some great warm up exercises. Each chapter ends with a review of the chapter's topics, exercises, and any recommendations for additional information. What really stands out though is that the authors go into great detail in how each sub-topic is important to you as a beginner as well as an athlete. They give examples of how and why you should modify their recommendations for optimal fitness for your needs and goals. For example, they talk about how the chapter focuses on the power of a proper diet and rightfully so, as it's a huge part of any fitness guide.

The final chapter of The Fitness Guide is about a great 20 minute workout routine that you can use at home. It includes tips on how to get started with a new workout routine, how to make a workout more effective and efficient, how to reduce the amount of times you repeat a certain body part (for example, you can reduce your ab workouts by doing leg raises instead), and they even recommend a couple different exercises you can try. While nothing revolutionary was added with this exercise, it does have a nice appeal to it, which makes it good reading for anyone who already has a routine they stick to. If nothing else, it's a great place to start if you're just getting started with your fitness goals.

Overall, this was a solid Fitness Guide for adults. While it doesn't include anything groundbreaking, it does contain a lot of helpful information for an overall understanding of fitness and a proper workout routine. I really enjoyed this read, and found it to be very helpful when it comes to starting or updating your fitness goals.

Overall, this Fitness Guide for Adults was a good read. There are tons of tips and advice in here that will help you get the most out of your routines. However, there isn't much in here that is groundbreaking, like I had hoped for. Most people will find some things to improve upon, but other things will become essentially unchanged. That's fine, because it means there are plenty of things that will still be helpful to you. But if there's one thing I didn't like, it would be that there wasn't much information on how to really customize these workouts to suit your own needs. Head over here for more.


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